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Architectural Concepts For Tasman Bay Estates



Tasman Bay Estates is a visionary and innovative development with ecological and lifestyle principles at its core. Those same principles have been applied to the development of the developers of Architectural concept plans which offer high quality turnkey concepts to get your dream home inspiration flowing.

Tasman Bay Estates plans have been designed in a way that ensures the development blends seamlessly into the surrounding productive areas. The aim is a continuity of architectural design and quality throughout the development to ensure these objectives are met.

The Developers have engaged the well-known and award winning Nelson architectural firm Arthouse Architects to prepare a range of house designs specifically designed for the development and in keeping with the design objectives.


Architect, David Wallace said “together we created a range of different plans and designs to deliver architecturally designed quality homes which are nestled into their sites, following the contours and with a form that reflects contemporary New Zealand architectural forms. Sheltered outdoor areas are incorporated into each design.”


Lot 115

Lot 121

Lot 122

Lot 124

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